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What the sources of insurance?

So where we get our insurance comes from different places. For some it's individually done. So for long term care. Property and liability insurance you are the one who has to get that and set it up and pay for it. But for things like health disability and sometimes life insurance your employer might pay for it. And sometimes the government pays for certain types of insurance especially events that occur during big catastrophes. So if you don't have an employer or it doesn't provide you insurance of these sorts you can acquire it by yourself. So you've already talked about employee benefits mean I've moved through their insurance premiums. If you have health insurance typically that's provided by your employer.

You don't need to know in kind income but you typically will have to have it come out of your payroll deduction. So it's paid by either. You. Or your employer

Also policies may be available to employees family members so I could include my wife  on my health care plan if we had children I could include them. But for instance both same says in myself have to pay health insurance premiums they pay a portion and I pay a portion my portion is pretty small because St. Theresa's pays for so much of it. So between the two of us our insurance premium is is paid for. So the government provides just basic insurance to try and keep people protected.

 Talked about Social Security Medicare and Medicaid. Many times you have to have some sort of work history such as unemployment insurance you have to prove that you were working and you got laid off and a worker's comp meaning you got injured. So you have to prove you were working.