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What is W to form means ?

That there is something that will come to you before you have to file your tax attack income taxes and that comes from your employer.
It is already filled out. This is not a form that you fill out. It's already filled out by your employer and shows your amount that you earned from January to December of that past year. It explains the total amount that was withheld or taken out of your paycheck for all the various taxes including federal and state income tax Social Security Medicare and local taxes.

So if you have multiple jobs each job you have we'll send you a W-2 that states those things I explained on the last slide so you can have for example one year  And we used those W-2 forms as proof that we've paid our taxes through our paychecks And as a way of keeping track suit or as the way of keeping track of how much you pay because unless you're keeping track of every paycheck. This is a good way to have an aggregate location of all of the tax you've paid so far.

This is an example of a W-2 Again this would be already filled out by your employer that would have your employer info your info the amount that you made from that company and then it would have the total amount of federal income tax withheld from the last year. How much social security taxes withheld and Medicare tax and then also state income tax and local income tax.

And whenever you file your taxes you need that information so that I'll be to truly as a document that is a summary of how much you earned and the taxes you have paid from the entirety of that last year.

there's my sweet little graphic I created the W four is for your employer.
W2 goes to you w for your employer use Friday.

Sign it give it to your employer the W-2 gets mailed to you. So just a  little trick to help you remember.

To file your income tax return is when you is the thing you have to do. By April 15th and you use an income tax return form. there's our definitions. This is a form where tax payers will report life events that are applicable. Large expenses earned and unearned income in that form will help will determine the exact taxes that are owed or refunded based on the amount you've had withheld from your paychecks And again I mentioned this is typically online now which is great and it's a lot easier to compute everything and you use that W-2 to determine your earned income and how much in taxes you've already paid throughout the year.

how do you actually file your taxes. You can file online?

The IRS has its own Web site and our block will allow you to do free income tax returns and Herbert tax does the same.

those questions that were asked were all questions that would be on a tax form because they all apply to the amount of tax you owe. Believe it or not being married having kids having a job. All of those things would affect the amount you owe in taxes. 
So our little review for the end of the Post there's a lot we just learned about in this car point that will break down even further later on in the following post.

But here's a review. Your employer will withhold money from paycheck to pay for your income taxes which is determined whenever you felt that before your employer will know how much to take out of your paychecks you will receive a W-2 in the mail that explains how much you have earned and how much you have paid in taxes throughout the year And you use the W-2 to complete your income tax return form typically it's online to determine if your employer has taken out enough money throughout the year to pay your taxes.

So again a lot of new information that we'll continue to talk about and learn about super exciting. If you have any questions or problems please let me know.