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What is allowance?

The W-4 determines if you have allowances And the definition here is an allowance reduces the amount of your paycheck that will go towards paying your taxes. So again an allowance reduces the amount of your paycheck that will go towards paying your taxes. So it's kind of confusing. So let's talk about an example.

Mary usually gets paid a thousand dollars a month before any taxes are taken out. If Mary had gone through and looked at it W-4 her employer and marked zero allowances.

So no allowances at all. Her employer would take out the full hundred dollars a month to pay your taxes But if Mary had marked three allowances on her don't leave for her employer would only take out seventy dollars a month to pay your taxes.

And those allowances can be based on several things your marital status is an allowance the number of jobs you have every dependent you have is an allowance. So those dependents.

That means someone you support financially so it's dependent could be it has to be someone under 19 or 30 full time student. They can be under 24. Has to be related to you and more than half of your support must be provided by an adult taxpayer. So technically you're all dependents still because you still rely on your parent for financial support.

If you have divorced parents just FII they have to decide who is or who gets that dependent. So you're not a dependent to both adults in that situation you're just a dependent to one.

An example of an actual W-4.

Think to the top is called personal allowances worksheet. So they have to go through every section and Mark whether or not how many allowances they should get. So for instance enter one for yourself if no one else can claim you as a dependent. Well if you're still living at home someone can claim you as a dependent so you leave that blank but being says interim one if you are single and have only one job that's you. So you would mark one there. Then there's other questions like spouse dependents or children head of household if you have any childcare expenses  None of you should typically have anything to put in there. So when you go to fill out a W-4 if you start a new job you really only will ever mark one allowance And that's because you're single and have only one job.

See what h asks you to add lines a G in there. 

again you just have ones that move one down and then you fill out the bottom half which is the part that just explains kind of a summary of your personal information first name last name address. Then you add Mark how many allowances you would write that you would have already determined up there and your signature.

So to review the more allowances you claim the less your employer will take out of your paycheck to pay your taxes. The reason why is because of the way income tax is set up for every kid Like for instance for every child you have you're going to pay less taxes and all of that is true. And whenever we file which again we'll talk about it a little bit But for now the big thing to remember is you write allowances on your W-4 and the more allowances you have the less your employer will take out of your paycheck And this isn't just a guess work by your employer. There is a chart that the government provides for your employer that states based on the number of allowances in your income how much your employer should take out of your paycheck and just kind of as a heads up as a high school student you should either write one or zero allowances when you fill out a W-4 to help ensure that enough is coming out of your paycheck.

There is a really good chance that when you file your taxes you could actually potentially receive a refund because you have to make a certain amount of money before you have to pay any income tax on that money. So if you have any context coming out of your paycheck and yet you don't make enough to have to pay income tax all of that money would come back to you in the form of a refund.