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Types of Insurance

First one is health insurance.

Health insurance is what provides money to pay for health care. It can be provided by the employer. You the individual or even the government. In the case of Medicare and Medicaid and like I mentioned on the previous post . My health insurance is paid partly by seeing says and partly by me although mostly by St. Theresa's. The risks covered by health insurance include All of these So you can see how health insurance can be very very important.

As it takes care of quite a bit of different things.

even if dollars are limited in other words you're not well-to-do. Health insurance is still very important because especially if you don't have a lot of extra income.

 If something happens to you you'll need health insurance to take care of all of those high high level medical costs. We're not going to talk a ton about this but with the Affordable Care Act which is also known as Obamacare. Health insurance is now a mandatory insurance but there's more options available and it's a very divisive issue. So again we're not going to discuss it but health interests become a major political point as well as a very important type of insurance you need to have.

What if a person though can't work or live independently ?

there are a couple of options. The first is disability insurance which means the insurance company will pay you or give you payments to replace your earnings during those times that you cannot work due to illness or injury even having a baby is actually under short term disability insurance And that's provided by employers individuals and or government. Although let me make a quick stamps here we are one of the few industrialized nations to not have guaranteed paid maternity leave including St. Francis Academy in most public schools all the public schools and most small businesses like St. three says do not have to provide paid maternity leave.

 Again we were one of the few nations that don't require this And no I'm not pregnant but it is something to be conscious of and how that might be changing in the next few years. Another type of insurance is long term care insurance And this is payment for extended care when a person cannot live independently but doesn't need to be hospitalized. So someone will have to come in and take care of them in this type of insurance will help keep those costs down. Again you the individual have to pay for that type of insurance.