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Pay property insurance and Liability insurance

This is an insurance that's paid to whoever is insured. So you the policyholder if his or her property is damaged or destroyed by an accident. So it pays for the loss. To the or the amount get paid to the insured person. Comparing that to liability insurance where you have this insurance paid for in case something happens to somebody else and it's your fault. So whether something happened in your house and the roof collapsed on your Guest or your dog bit a neighbor or even if you hit somebody in your car which we'll post about auto insurance later but  Liability insurance that money gets paid to a different person. So property insurance the money comes to you. If something were to happen because it's your property liability insurance you're having to pay the insurance company to pay for somebody else because it was your fault that something occurred.

 We have automobile insurance that's liability and property insurance specifically for a vehicle homeowner's insurance which pays for liability losses and damage to your home and things that are in your home And then renter's insurance which you might be running into in the next few years as you go to college And that is payment for any sort of damage or loss that happens in your rental unit in addition to liability losses. A lot of rental companies now require you to have renter's insurance just to make sure that you can pay for things if something were to go bad or if it was your fault You you flooded the basement below or whatever happens they're requiring you to have renter's insurance. In fact another requirement if you own or gnomes or even drive an automobile you have to have liability insurance. i m  gonna do a lot more with auto insurance. I'm going to post that  later.